Hacks – Wiper Malware

The wiper is one of the more damaging malwares whose purpose is to wipe the computer’s hard drive, when it attacks. The first instances of the wiper malware originated in the Middle East when it was used to attack Iranian oil companies in 2012. Later a hard drive was given to Kaspersky lab by the […]

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

CVE-2022-21907: HTTP Protocol Stack Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Description: The exploit works by spraying an IIS server via several large GET HTTP requests and finishes with a malformed HTTP request. Mitigation: Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 version 1809 are not vulnerable by default. Unless you have enabled the HTTP Trailer Support via EnableTrailerSupport registry […]


Cryptography involves turning plaintext into ciphertext (encryption) and then turning ciphertext into plaintext (decryption). Data encryption protects confidentiality and safeguards data integrity. A cryptographic system provides a method for protecting information by disguising it in a format that only authorised systems or individuals can read. Cryptography is generally thought of as being good at: Securing […]


In Identity Management, the letters AAA stands for Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting. Authentication proves the person’s identity, software application, or technology asset accessing a resource. Authorisation defines the permission the resource holds to access a particular resource. Accounting keeps track of the who, what, when, where etc. the audit trail.   As an essential member […]

CVE-2022-23944: Apache ShenYu (incubating)

CVE-2022-23944: Apache ShenYu (incubating) Improper access control: Severity: Moderate Description: User can access /Plugin API without authentication. This issue affected Apache ShenYu 2.4.0 and 2.4.1. Everybody can access /plugin API which will list the details of all plugins include id, name, config (may include password). We can also add a new plugin with POST method […]

Hacks – Authentication

Authentication is a prominent aspect of cyber security as it is end user facing and is generally the first step to access most systems. A poorly configured authentication layer can be the difference between a secure application and a complete breach. While thankfully not all exploits are critical, access to a system administrator’s account can […]

Polkit Vulnerability CVE-2021-4034 (Local privilege escalation vulnerability)

On Tuesday (25 January 2022), Qualys announced a local privilege escalation vulnerability (CVE-2021-4034) affecting several distributions of Linux such as Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and more.  The disclosed vulnerability exploits Polkit opensource application that negotiates the interaction between privileged and unprivileged users. This vulnerability is both simple and universal. This vulnerability is of ‘’Important’’ severity […]


Encryption may be a topic that you give passing attention to in response to security advisories but otherwise little else. Rather than providing a summary of the state of the art of encryption technologies, this article will cover four practical applications of encryption that might have gone unnoticed recently. Encrypting mobile endpoints (BitLocker for Windows, […]

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures December 2021

CVE-2021-40444 – Microsoft HTML Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Remote code execution vulnerabilities are up there with some of the worst that a company can be susceptible to. This impact compounds when it is Microsoft’s Office365 suite that has a vulnerability, allowing threat agents to inject malicious code into software that over 1 million companies worldwide […]

Log4j Vulnerability

Log4j continues to disrupt global festive season change freezes. On Friday (10 December 2021), NIST announced a remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2021-44228 in the Apache log4j project. Log4j is one of the pervasive, open-source building blocks that applications across your infrastructure use for logging. The vulnerability is of critical severity as it can be […]