The Value of Security Performance Reporting

Monthly Reporting Brace168 provides our managed incident response customers with monthly reports that break down the customer’s environment into several security performance measures including External Threat Status, Cyber Defence & Response Preparedness, Incident Management & Further Investigations, and Cybersecurity Uplift. These measures allow an executive audience to understand how the risks posed by the organisation […]


There are seemingly an infinite number of ways to compromise a system. An important premise of security is effort, increasing the effort hackers must take to compromise an account. Some cyber-attacks theoretically take millions of years, others take seconds, it is our role to ensure we are making it as difficult as possible for the […]

Hacks August 2021

The first step of any cyber-attack involves an adversary performing reconnaissance activities to understand and gather information about their target’s environment. Commonly this involves performing ‘port scans’ whereby they can identify which ports in your network are open and closed to determine their entry points. Next will be to gather information about your employees specifically, […]

Network Firewall

What do the castles of the past and networking devices have in common? Walls. However, as attacks became more sophisticated, it quickly became obvious that a simple wall was no longer enough to fortify the castle, and moats were established to complement the walls and fend of attackers. As attacks further evolved, insider abuse, open […]

Partner Message Check Point 

“EDR has been a common TLA in the tech and cyber lexicon (thanks Gartner) for about 7 years, growing and evolving along the way – but thanks to the latest spate of “supply chain attacks”, it’s never been more relevant. It’s all well and good to patch holes and apply signatures to detect attacks after […]

Endpoint Detection and Response

It is easy to get confused in the world of cybersecurity. There is an overabundance of jargon as everyone tries to sell a service rather than education, which will help businesses keep themselves safe in the long term. One of these terms is “Endpoint Detection and Response” or EDR. A quick Google search tells us […]

Hacks – Cracking web-page authentication

Authentication pages – the first roadblock on a hacker’s route to getting access to your resources. Gone are the days of simply using a username and password to authenticate users, it is common now to use token-based authentication. Authentication tokens is a protocol used to ensure that the user signing into your page really is […]

Hacks – Android ADB Exploit

Smartphone devices are the most popular device in the world. Over 1.30 billion smartphones are shipped and sold every year and a further 1.32 billion users use the Android OS, but there is a catch. Like most computer devices smartphones can be easily hacked and hackers are getting smarter and smarter everyday. This one hack […]

Managed Detection & Response

As businesses continue to innovate and grow, so does the complexity of cyberattacks against them. We rely on technology and information systems to run our businesses and support our infrastructure, yet they are also a gold mine full of information waiting to be compromised. Most of us think we are safe and secure; we have […]

Brace168 Products Managed Endpoint & Server Security

The one thing that makes an attacker lethal is ‘Time’. Attackers have an exorbitant amount of time when it comes to reconnaissance. This allows them to develop a succinct coordinated approach to their attack strategy. On the other hand, we have businesses that are time-limited and have lots of things going on operationally, before they […]