Protecting your data – The CIA Triad – Part One: Confidentiality

Understanding the CIA Triad of Information Security – Part One: Confidentiality The modern business landscape continues to evolve each and every day, meaning it’s never been more important to ensure that you’re staying on top of your organisation’s cyber security. Of course, if you’re an IT Manager, it’s highly likely that cyber security is already […]

Hacks – O365

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used application suites in the world, but in 2020 there were over one thousand vulnerabilities identified, of that, 40% of them were privilege escalation vulnerabilities. So, an important O365 application that you’d want to keep secure is ‘Outlook’. Outlook is the most used O365 application with over […]

Protect your Microsoft O365 tenant

An organisation’s Microsoft 365 tenant is susceptible to many external and insider threats when not properly configured. At every level of licensing there are at least some level of security controls that could be implemented to reduce the risk of attack. These necessary security controls can be broken down into 6 categories: Account Protection & […]

Monitoring your Azure environment

A Security Incident Event Management system (SIEM) is a powerful tool used to both store and analyse billions of logs. At Brace168 we have implemented automated alert detection systems in our SIEMs to notify our analysts of any suspicious activity. However, it is imperative these automated systems are updated daily with emerging and active threats […]

Endpoint Detection and Response

It is easy to get confused in the world of cybersecurity. There is an overabundance of jargon as everyone tries to sell a service rather than education, which will help businesses keep themselves safe in the long term. One of these terms is “Endpoint Detection and Response” or EDR. A quick Google search tells us […]

Your O365 Security Checklist

Are you about to head off for your Christmas break? This O365 security checklist might just save your skin. Microsoft Office 365 is popular because of its mobility and collaboration features. However, in a cloud-hosted environment, security issues can keep managers up at night because they’re worried about new cyber threats are that are constantly […]